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Heliopan digital filterSince 1949 Heliopan has been manufacturing the finest quality German filters! Heliopan is the only filter manufacturer that exclusively only uses glass from Schott (Zeiss). Heliopan machines their filter rings from quality brass tubes and black anodizes and silk screens them in their factories in Bavaria. They only use slim mounts with front threads for their non-rotating filters and offer a vast array of polarizing filters, most in either standard or slim (without front thread) rotating mounts. All of Heliopan’s rotating mounts for polarizing filters are rim calibrated for easy use with cameras without TTL or ground glass focusing. Heliopan offers a full range of brass adapter rings and makes their lens hoods from metal as well as from silicon rubber.

Heliopan filtersHeliopan offers screw-in filters in 47 sizes from 19 to 127mm, they offer all Hasselblad and Rollei bayonet sizes as well as Zeiss bayonet filters for the Contarex and Ikarex lenses. Heliopan makes series sizes from Series V to Series 93 plus drop-in polarizers for some Nikon lenses. Heliopan also supplies rectangular and square filters as well as rotating and non-rotating gel holders.

Currently Heliopan offers most of their filters with either their standard hard coating or with their industry leading SH-PMC 16 layer multi-coating that transmits over 99.5% of the light striking it on to the image plane for the lowest flare and greatest color saturation! In addition the top layer on each side of the SH-PMC coated filters repels dust and moisture to aid in keeping the filters clean and help to ensure the best optical performance of the lens!

Heliopan offers 120 types of filters including UV; warming; cooling; black and white; Digital UV/IR blocking; Video; UV transmission; IR transmission; close-up; ND, graduated ND; Variable gray ND; graduated center filters; soft focus; Softars; star filters; spot lenses; split field; linear polarizers; standard and High Transmisson Circular Polarizers; sheet polarizers for lighting applications!

Heliopan has the most complete assortment of high quality filters in the photographic marketplace!

For more information about Heliopan's filters for digital photography please click here.